Sexing Ducks

Sexing Ducks or Finding the Gender of Ducks is not very easy.  Before the age of 2 months, it is near impossible for a non duck expert to sex a duck.  I have 4 ways of sexing ducks below.


The only find a ducks Gender when a duck is under about 2 months is venting. 

I do not suggest doing this if you are not an expert, and I have never attempted nor plan on attempting to do it. It is the most accurate, and hardest way to Sex a duck (besides option 4).  If you do want to try, google it and try to find a good website that thoroughly explains how to do it and the percautions.  A summary of it is, you have to hold your duck upside down and open the ducks genitalia vent with your fingers by spreading  it a part.  Females will have a cone shaped organ, while males will have a smaller, longer, pointed one. *PLEASE FIND MORE INFORMATION THEN I HAVE GIVEN YOU IF YOU ARE GOING TO DO THIS.


A way to sex ducks at over 2 months is by it’s quack.  A great website with good info about this is .  Here is a part of the article:


You can determine the sex of a duck by listening to the sound of its quack.

At about 10 weeks of age, the voices of all domestic ducks (except Muscovy ducks) take on easily distinguishable male and female characteristics.

The voice of a female (hen) is a loud “Quack-Quack!” or “Uht-Uht!”

The voice of a male (drake) is soft and whispery. They sometimes even have a slight whistle until they reach full maturity.

To listen to the audio tracks of male and female duck quacks, click on the play links below.





A second way of Sexing ducks is at about 3 months.

You can sex a duck at this age by it’s tail.  If you take a look at it’s tail, a Drake will have something called a “Drake Feather”.  It is  a small, single curled feather at the base of it’s tail.  A female duck does not have any curled feathers there.

This is a good example of one:

(picture to be added).

Option 2 and 3 are equally accurate in my opinion.


Get a DNA test done.  This the most expensive, hardest, and dumbest way in my opinion.  You can’t wait 2 months!?


Moscuvy Males have much larger red facial masks then a female does.  Males are also larger then females.

These traits are noticable at about 2 months.


Thanks for reading!


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